How to Fix Discord not Detecting Mic 2021

How to Fix Discord not Detecting Mic in Windows 10

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Gamers today have always used Discord as the main VOIP service instead of using in-game voice chat. However, there are some minority bugs that are frustrating even when Discord is more than 6 years old in 2021.

For example Discord not detecting mic, especially while you are playing a game. But don’t think that the source of the problem lies in discord. Let’s sort it from the beginning.

Fix them Using Discord App

  1. Go to Settings on your Discord app and choose Voice & Video

Discord sound check - Discord not detecting mic
  • Instead using Default on the Input Device and Output Device, set both of it according to the hardware you are using. If you already done it, try to set both of it to Default.
  • If the problem is not resolved, try changing the Input Mode to “Push to Talk” if you previously used a “Voice Activity” and vice versa.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, scroll down until you find the Reset Voice Settings
Discord Reset Settings - Discord not detecting mic
  • Keep scroll down if the problem still persist.
  1. Go to your Windows Settings and choose Privacy. There you’ll find a microphone option.

Windows Settings Microphone - Discord not detecting mic
  • As in the picture above, microphone is currently in use on Discord (Discord running in background). If your discord doesn’t show this status, you may need to reinstall Discord.
  • If reinstalling Discord doesn’t solve your problem, it might just need a simple solution.
    • Force close Discord app using Task Manager and open it as an administrator
    • Unplug your headset and plug it back into the same or a different port
    • Also try restarting your PC while your headset is not plugged in

Discord Not Detecting Mic FAQ

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