Discord is a great tool for gamers to chat and share info during games, but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as we’d like. It’s not always easy to find the answers we’re looking for online.

Supverior is here to help! We’ve compiled all of our favorite tips and tricks into one place so that anyone can learn how to make their experience with discord better! 

How to Fix Discord Update Failed in Windows 10

Once upon a time, you want to play PUBG with your friends. The first application you open must be discord. But wait, why is discord …

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How to Fix Discord not Detecting Mic 2021

Gamers today have always used Discord as the main VOIP service instead of using in-game voice chat. However, there are some minority bugs that are …

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A Complete and Up To Date Web About Troubleshooting Tech Life Issue

Dear readers,

We understand that technology always changing, and also developing in many ways. Better looks, better applications, but with complicated new system indeed. It grows faster than we expect.

You can see how technology bring us into a face-paced life. Often we don’t realize, technology innovating and offering us something new, something fresh, something absolutely out of our mind. 

Along with that, many problems arise. We often hear how our friends or families complaining about their device or gadget that doesn’t work how it usually works. The application doesn’t run properly, the phone suddenly blank, the computer need new fresh look, no voice come out from the phone, the charger broke, the software crash, etc, etc.

Or, you have experienced those things? Isn’t that disturbing our routine? Inhibit our work performa, tend to take a lot of our time, and even worse, breaking the mood.

We know that device and gadget making our life simpler and easier. Simple to do many job lists and also easy to get information. But, have you find any simple, easy, plus complete ways to solve many problems that appear with our gadget?

Here, in Supverior.com we are offering you an up to date and easy to read articles, mostly about troubleshooting device topics. We are giving you a solutive way out from every single device or gadget problem that comes to you. With three big topics that round our tech life: iOS, Android, and Windows 10.

We present articles that are very easy to follow with descriptive steps that will help you fix your gadget problems. Please notice that we don’t want you to frown when reading our articles. Really, even you are facing the problem, we want you to enjoy understanding them.

If there’s any ideas, suggestions, or questions pops to your mind, just simply let us know by leaving a comment. You may spread the articles widely through your social media account. You never know it might help others to find the solution of their same problem. 

Your thought and share mean a lot for us. Thank you.

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